Plymouth Rock Loves #FoodThatRocks


From the natural beauty of the mountains to the bright lights of the shore, this state has so much to offer. And so much to eat!

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce #FoodThatRocks, and our partnership with Plymouth Rock Assurance, one of New Jersey’s leading insurance groups. Plymouth Rock makes sure New Jerseyans have the power and ability to keep traveling—and eating—across the state. 

“When we speak with New Jersey drivers, food becomes part of the conversation. Whether it’s discussing an intersection in relation to a restaurant or just debating who serves the best burger, it all comes back to our shared passion for the amazing eats we can find in this great state,” shared Karen Murdock, Chief Marketing Officer, Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey. “That’s why we are hungry to kick-start our partnership with Jersey Bites, talking about something everyone can get behind—#FoodThatRocks—and the journey we take to eat it.”

We’d love for you to join us and Plymouth Rock Assurance to celebrate #FoodThatRocks Whether you’re finding new-to-you restaurants on a fall road trip or just saving on gas by taking a stroll to your local café for a salad, we want to see what’s on your menu! Burgers. Pizza. Snacks. Salads. Soups. Dessert! Share it with us on social media with #FoodThatRocks so we can find you!

Here’s where you can find us:


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