Oyster and Steak Delights at Hamilton’s Grill Room

On October 3, 2014, for the first time in 26 years, Hamilton’s Grill Room in Lambertville unveiled an exciting, fresh and sophisticated new menu: owner Jim Hamilton is spearheading a change that passionately celebrates delectable, locally sourced steaks and luscious oysters.

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying Hamilton’s wonderful company while sampling items from his newly redesigned menu. What I learned is that Hamilton’s Grill Room is a reflection of Jim Hamilton himself: filled with old world charm, elegancy and classic theatrics. With a magical, inviting and intimate décor, the restaurant features a show stopping charcoal grill as its entertainment centerpiece and cookery for talented Executive Chef Mark Miller.

Oysters at Hamilton's Grill Room

If you enjoy oysters served in a romantic setting, look no further then Hamilton’s! With separate East Coast and West Coast oysters menus, your taste buds will be tickled as you sample a dizzying array of deliciousness. In addition to the raw oyster bar, Hamilton’s Grill offers fire-roasted oysters with shallots and pernod butter, Rockefeller-baked oysters with spinach, bacon and parmesan as well as a favorite of Hamilton’s himself: Deviled with fried oysters atop of deviled eggs. I was in aphrodisiac-food-lovers’ Heaven.

Jim Hamilton takes an interest and pride in knowing where his food comes from, and together with Executive Chef Mark Miller, they are showcasing local purveyors, and sourcing quality organic farm-to-table food. By doing so, they are offering their patrons a gastronomic eating adventure that concentrates on elegant and light dishes while aiming to “provide the best, the finest, freshest, local, organic and hormone free ingredients available,” according to Miller.

Steak at Hamilton's Grill Room

The menu has an exceptional selection of grass-fed, grain finished Black Angus beef that is raised without hormones or antibiotics. And let me tell you, their steaks are incredibly flavorful and tender—true slices of perfections. I had the pleasure of sampling several of their locally sourced steaks—a finger licking rib-eye with blue cheese butter and a gorgeous porterhouse served with a whole head of roasted garlic. Both steaks were ridiculously delicious and the addition of the blue cheese and garlic really highlighted the meats flavors with an elegant presentation.

Tucked into a cobblestone courtyard garden, Hamilton’s Grill Room truly is a cozy oasis for savory oysters and mouthwatering steaks. When you visit, be sure to bring a crisp chardonnay to enjoy with the oysters and a full-bodied cabernet to accompany your steak.

Hamilton’s Grill Room
The Porkyard, 8 Coryell Street

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