Omelette aux Fines Herbes Recipe


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I worked as the PR Manager of a prominent New York City culinary school for a short time, and found it interesting that one of the major criteria used to evaluate a chef-instructor was his/her mastery of a French omelette.

That’s probably because the preparation involved in creating a true French omelette is no joke. This isn’t your Tuesday morning, quick-out-the-door breakfast option. Preparing a French omelette like this one, which appears in The Hundred-Foot Journey, takes patience, time, love and proper ingredients – but the end result is SO worth the effort.

ingredientsLet’s start with the ingredients. Butter. Not just any kind of butter. Good butter (I used Plugra European-style unsalted butter.) And clarified butter. Clarifying butter removes the milk solids and moisture, which makes it possible to keep the flavor of the butter while cooking for an extended period of time or over high heat.

In the case of the French omelette, it’s the former.

When I needed an online resource to guide me on how to properly clarify butter, I knew there was no one better than David Lebovitz, (of the living the sweet life in Paris), to instruct me. Here was my process: clarifying butter

Once my butter was set to go, it was a matter of following the recipe from our friends at Le Cordon Bleu: blanching and chopping fine herbs, thoroughly whisking up a dozen eggs, and doing the best I could to keep my egg mixture gently moving by the stroke of a fork over low heat.

Making a French omelette takes technique and practice, but for my first time out, I was pretty pleased with the results.

And I must say that the clarified butter added a wonderful flavor to the finished product, and was omnipresent, as the recipe called for a warmed plate to be brushed with the butter prior to plating, as well as brushing the omelet itself AFTER plating.

finished omeletI served my omelette with organic arugula greens and cherry tomatoes.

In anticipation of the Dreamworks Pictures’ release of The Hundred-Foot Journey, I was delighted to stretch my culinary skills to try a technique I’ve never tried before. And I’m sure that after seeing the movie, I’ll be even more eager to do so!

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