Wonderfully Raw’s Snip Chips and Brussel Bytes

Snip Chips & Brussel Bytes – two of Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights’ new and healthy snack options.

I am always looking for healthy snacks to feed my kids (and myself)! At home, I usually serve fresh fruits and vegetables, but those don’t work as well when we’re on the go, so I find myself on the hunt for delicious, nutritious pre-packaged snacks that travel well.

When I got the offer to try Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights’ new products – Snip Chips and Brussel Bytes – I couldn’t wait to try them. Raw foods chef Sequoia Cheney and her chef son, Eric Hara, developed the snacks, and their entire family is involved in the company.

The snacks I tried were raw, gluten free, vegan, organic and made using two of my favorite vegetables – Brussels sprouts and parsnips. I was in love before I even opened the bag! I was even more in love after tasting the products. They’re crunchy, full of flavor and truly satisfying. And yes, the kids loved them, too.

The Brussel Bytes come in Chili Pumpkin Seed and Tamarind Apple flavors. I have to admit that I never had a chance to try the Tamarind Apple. I went away for the weekend and left my parents at my house watching the kids (and the snack bags hidden in my home office to sample upon my return).  When I returned I found an empty bag and a very satisfied father! I did, thankfully, get to try the Chili Pumpkin Seed flavor and loved them. Not only are they low-cal and filled with nutrients, but they are also delicious. The chipotle gave them a kick balanced by the sweetness of the raw coconut. Each bag contains two servings, but the calories are low enough that you can enjoy the entire bag in one sitting, guilt free!

The Snip Chips were just as satisfying. They’re made using a combination of parsnips, coconut and cashew and come in a variety of flavors … Cheesy Herb Truffle, Chipotle Lime Cilantro and Dill Pickle. My kids and I really enjoyed them and I felt good offering them as a snack. I will definitely be adding them into our snack rotation.

Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights was created when Sequoia was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She decided that she wanted to reclaim her health through nutritious food and enrolled in a Raw Food Chef program. She has been creating and enjoying raw foods ever since and living a healthy and energized life. Her company allows her to share that lifestyle and her nutritious snacks with everyone. You can find them in Whole Foods as well as a variety of health food stores throughout New Jersey ).

Hillary cropHillary Irwin is a registered dietitian and the founder of Simply Beautiful Mom, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice based in New Jersey. In her practice, Hillary counsels children, adolescents and adults on many nutrition issues, with a focus on clean, balanced eating and weight management. She is an expert at teaching clients how to fit proper eating and healthful cooking into a frantic lifestyle, taking the busiest of the busy and teaching how simple changes can create fantastic results. Hillary holds a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree in Applied Anatomy and Physiology from Boston University. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND—formerly the American Dietetic Association), the New Jersey Dietetic Association, and various Dietetic Practice Groups of the AND, including Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition and Weight Management. Hillary lives in Westfield with her husband, Greg, her two children, Oscar and Lola, and their dog, Willard. She loves food, traveling, cooking and spending time with her family.