Peep-tini: The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever Drink

You know spring has arrived and Easter is quickly approaching once Peeps, those colorful sugary marshmallow confections, begin to appear. Kids go crazy for Peeps and now adults will, too! Bunny Peep-tinis will certainly please the grown-ups at your gathering this year. Flavored with vanilla and strawberry, they offer the perfect flavor combination for spring and Easter holiday celebrations.

Recipes and photo by Gwynn Galvin, culinary consultant and creator of Swirls of Flavor.


corn syrup
yellow, purple and pink cake sparkles or sugars
yellow, purple and pink bunny Peeps
1 cup vanilla vodka
1/2 cup cran-strawberry juice, such as Ocean Spray

1. Spread a thin layer of corn syrup on a paper plate. Sprinkle each color of cake sparkles or sugars on additional paper plates.
2. Dip rim of glass in corn syrup and then in one of the colors of sparkles or sugars.
3. Make a small cut in bottom of each bunny and place on rim of glass.
4. Combine vanilla vodka and juice. Pour into prepared glasses.

Makes 4 servings. For just a single serving combine 1/4 cup vanilla vodka and 2 tablespoons juice.

Gwynn Galvin Recipe Contributor to JerseyBites.comGwynn Galvin, chef and blogger, is delighted to share her original recipes on Jersey Bites. Born and raised in Jersey and a lifetime resident of Bergen County, Gwynn is Jersey through and through! Having been in the culinary field for more than 20 years, you can say that Gwynn is definitely well seasoned. With over a decade as Test Kitchen Director for a nationally published magazine as well as working for major food corporations and being partner and chef of a family-owned cupcake shop, Gwynn is also the creator of her blog, Swirls of Flavor. Her award-winning recipes have been featured in national ad campaigns, cookbooks, magazines, social media and on the internet. If you’ve ever made a recipe that was on the package of a food product or in a magazine or cookbook, chances are you’ve already made one of her fabulously delicious recipes!