NJ Craft Beer’s Libation Collaboration

New Jersey Craft Beer has been one of the biggest advocates for better beer here in the Garden State since 2010. Their latest project puts an exclamation point on the diversity that makes New Jersey one of the most interesting places to live on the planet. We have a dizzying array of cultures and ethnicities. We have beaches. We have mountains. We have business people and fishermen. Farmers, too.  It’s about time someone celebrated all of that variety with a beer.

Obviously, more than a single brewery would be needed. Even more than two or three. New Jersey Craft was the hub that pulled together no fewer than seven brewing spokes to create diversity in a bottle. They also connected a yeast producer and a home-brew supply company to complete the collaboration. Here’s the lineup:

Harvest Moon – New Brunswick

Flounder Brewing Co. – Hillsborough

Bolero Snort Brewery – Ridgefield Park

Tuckahoe Brewing Co. – Oceanview

Uno’s Chicago Grill & Brewery – Metuchen

Spellbound Brewing – Mount Holly

Departed Soles Brewing Co. – In planning

East Coast Yeast – Various retailers

love2brew – North Brunswick

Now you’re wondering, “What did this brewing army come up with?” Beer has been described as the ultimate social lubricant, and to that end, New Jersey Craft Beer has been tight-lipped about what they actually brewed. They want you to step away from the computer, attend an event and taste the beer. You might even end up having a conversation with someone you just met. Cool!

You can enjoy the NJCB Collaboration beer responsibly at the following events:

April 4 and 5: The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival
April 10: The NJCB Collaboration #0001 release party at Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe in New Brunswick


Peter Culos is the editor of “Beer Bites,” Jersey Bites’ coverage of breweries, bars and good beer in the Garden State. A graphic designer by day, and a lifelong New Jersey resident, Peter was first introduced to the novel idea that beer could actually have flavor during several visits to the UK. He’s been riding the craft beer bus ever since. It has been called the ultimate social lubricant and Peter’s philosophy on beer is, “I’d rather split my last good beer with a friend than drink the whole thing by myself.” Besides beer he also likes history, dogs, Jeeps and painting. In the past, he has written a History and Art blog for the Weider History Group and occasionally contributes to his own blog, history-geek.com. Life is short. Drink good beer.