Bubbly: The Right Splurge for Valentine’s Day

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday. Actually, people have been celebrating old Saint Valentine for a long time. Some say it hearkens back to Roman times when the emperor forbade soldiers from marrying, thinking that a single soldier would be braver and bolder than a married one with a family. Supposedly Saint Valentine defied the decree and performed marriages in secret. That’s one theory, but by the 17th and 18th Centuries, Britons were celebrating the day by exchanging small gifts and, later, cards. Romance has been swirling around February 14 for a long time.

There is only one drink that befits such a venerable and romantic holiday. Champagne. Here are four ideas to get your Valentine’s Day off to a bubbly, sparkling start. (Note: retail price quotes are courtesy of the Atlantic City Bottle Company.)

Champagne Lanson ‘Black Label’ Brut NV ($54.99) – It might be a little chilly for a picnic, but why not do one indoors? This champagne comes with a bottle jacket to keep your bottle at the proper temperature. Perfect for a picnic. This house has a long tradition and may have been sipped by those happy Valentines back in the 18th Century. It’s sure to help warm up the most frigid February day…or night.

Champagne Thienot Brut Rose NV ($58.99) – We met the estate owner’s daughter and we can fully appreciate the care and attention they put into this cuvee. Thienot Brut Rose is a brilliant blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Champagne grape varieties. It’s all subtlety and finesse: sharp blackcurrant in the nose, strong pink in color and delicate on the palate. Isn’t this what we all want in a Valentine—strength balanced with finesse?

Charles de Cazanove ‘Vieille France’ Brut Rose NV ($47.99) – Old-world nostalgia is one way to dial up the romance factor on Valentine’s Day and Vieille France brings it. Even the bottle is designed to give this Champagne the feel of another time and place. It’s a little spicy up front but has a mineral note that leaves your palate feeling fresh. The last thing you want on Valentine’s Day is palate fatigue!

Perrier-Jouet ‘Grand Brut’ Chanpagne NV ($42.99) – Maybe you have a complex Valentine’s Day plan and are in a quandary about Champagne. In that case, you stick to the classics. A refined bouquet and complex flavor make Perrier-Jouet the essence of versatility. It’s always comforting to have a sure thing in your Valentine’s Day lineup.

Okay, we’ve taken care of the champagne. Now all you have to do is remember the flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and, of course, a card. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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