Princeton Welcomes FreshDirect

Fresh Direct launches in Princeton NJ

Monday, January 6. It’s today. It’s the sixth day of the year. It’s two days after National Trivia Day. (That’s right—National Trivia Day was Saturday, in case you need a fun piece of, well, trivia to share.) It’s also the official launch of FreshDirect in the Princeton community.

The online grocer, long relied upon by New Yorkers and, in recent years, residents in Philly, Delaware, and several NJ markets, launched its Princeton debut this morning with an event hosted by cofounder David McInerney at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village.

Those of you anxiously awaiting the chance to finally place a FreshDirect order should be on the lookout for new-customer discounts and shipping deals. (When they came to my area, I recall receiving a postcard/coupon with a great offer for new households placing orders.)

I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a FreshDirect “regular,” but I’ve placed several orders with them in the time since the service has been available in Essex County—certainly enough to be able to name the three FreshDirect items that are the biggest hits in my house. So here they are, in no particular order:

Slow-cooked tomato sauce and turkey meatballs: This is a great option for busy weeknights. Just heat them up and add some spaghetti. Boom. Dinner’s on the table.

Sour cream pound cake: Available in full size as well as a mini version, nothing beats a slice of this with a cup of coffee.

Crispy chicken fingers: Try as I might to expand my son’s horizons when it comes to dinner, sometimes a good chicken finger option is in order, and these more than get the job done.

With a mobile app and a user-friendly experience, FreshDirect offers effective, reachable customer service and is a refreshing change of pace if you’re looking to mix up your grocery routine a bit or just don’t have time to squeeze in an in-person shopping trip.

Editor: Rachel Bozek is a freelance writer and editor based in suburban Essex County. She loves interviewing chefs and restaurateurs—especially the ones who love New Jersey. She grew up in Bergen County, and has lost track of how much time she’s spent on LBI and in the Wildwoods. Before freelancing, Rachel spent 10 years at Nickelodeon, where she was an editor at Nickelodeon Magazine. Now she does a range of editorial work, including trivia writing for all ages, kid-friendly content, marketing research, and of course, Jersey Bites! Her other areas of focus include coverage of the optical industry and college magazine writing. Through it all, her search for the perfect pancake continues. You can find her on Twitter (@rachelbozek) or view some of her work here.