Bridgewater Commons, Crêpes Du Nord


Crêpes, anyone? We say “Oui” when they are perfectly prepared at Crêpes Du Nord. We visited their New Jersey location in the Bridgewater Commons Mall, where delicious crêpes were made right before our eyes.

Crêpes Du Nord combines French and Scandinavian crêpe-making traditions with ingredients that are locally sourced from Blenheim Hill Farm, their own farm in the Catskills. Organic and always fresh, customers can expect to enjoy savory and sweet crêpes prepared to their exact liking. The menu has delicious combinations and includes vegan and vegetarian choices.


Sweet crêpes are made with fine-milled wheat flour and savory crêpes are made with organic buckwheat flour. There are also gluten-free crêpes for just $1.50 extra.

We tried several of the varieties including their popular Chicken Asparagus ($8.75) and their Crêpe Vegetarienne ($8.25). Fresh fruits compliment many of the sweet crêpes and offer a taste of Paris. Their Pure and Simple ($4.50) is sweetened with sugar, butter and lemon; there are rich choices that include Nutella, ice cream or whipped cream.

Crêpes Du Nord allows for good eating when you are on the go. Fresh, local and organic ingredients make foods taste better and they pride themselves in being “farm to crêpe.”

This is a great spot for our readers who appreciate local sourcing and organic ingredients. We are always in favor of restaurants that prepare your menu items to order letting you make choices that are in line with your individual dietary requirements. So next time you want a tasty crêpe prepared just right, visit your nearest location of Crêpes Du Nord.

Crêpes du Nord – Bridgewater Commons

Lower Level, Main Atrium (between escalators)

400 Commons Way, Space 1082


908-725-6400 and on Facebook


Marina Kennedy, Somerset CountyMarina Kennedy is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and delights in cooking and dining out. With a Russian and Italian background, she grew up with parents and grandparents who loved to cook and shared unique family recipes with her. She focuses her articles on delicious, healthy meals and is proud that her four adult children also enjoy cooking. Marina and her husband, Chuck, have had the pleasure of meeting chefs and restaurateurs throughout the metropolitan area and enjoy a wide variety of gourmet cuisine.  She looks forward to sharing her culinary experiences with readers of Jersey Bites and looks forward to receiving recommendations and comments from her readers in Somerset County and beyond.