Maloney’s Pub Raises the Bar with 125 Taps

Summer at the Jersey Shore doesn’t have to mean giving up your craft beer for a Corona or Coors light. On Friday, July 12, Maloney’s on Main in Matawan ( raised the bar yet again in their quest to have one of the best beer selections not only in the state but in the entire country.  Maloney’s hosted the Kon Tiki event to celebrate the addition of 20 more taps, bringing their total to 125 taps. These 20 taps become part of Maloney’s new reserve draught program, bringing rare beers to NJ.

The event was kicked off with Maloney’s new importing partner, B. United International, bringing rare beers to NJ that have never been served here.  As Maloney’s owner, Fleurin, stated on their website, Maloney’s goal for the night and the new reserve program was “Our aim, in any language, is to create a unique experience by presenting the best, most desirable international beers not found anywhere else...” With that as a goal, Maloney’s succeeded. The rare brews served including beers and meade from Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and South Africa.

After talking with the owner of B. United, I decided to try an extremely rare (supposedly only 3 kegs released in the world!), Harviestoun Ola Dubh 21 beer from England. This delicious beer, Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Engineer’s Reserve Ale aged in Highland Park 21 Scotch barrels, has an aroma of single malt scotch and wooden sweet flavor with chocolate, peat and vanilla undertones.  I have been frequenting Maloney’s for more than 4 years and have watched them grow from a “measly” 24 taps to 125 taps. I have never been disappointed with their beer or food and have never gone there without trying at least one beer I have never had before.

Maloney’s on Main

119 Main Street

Matawan, NJ 07747


Steve SrolovitzSteve Srolovitz is a resident of Manalapan. By day a mild mannered engineer, husband and father of 3, by night (and the weekends) Steve is a fearless crusader for the New Jersey craft beer movement.