Kind Burger Gets NFCA’s Great Kitchen Seal of Approval

Kind Burger announced the relocation and grand opening of their new River Road, Fair Haven restaurant. Opened in July of 2012, Kind Burger, a healthier burger “joint” had the promise of high foot-traffic on Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, unfortunately, this great locale was short-lived. Raging Hurricane Sandy floodwaters inundated the brand new storefront destroying everything in it. The Cafaro’s, Anthony and Yvette, husband and wife owners, were anxious to reopen but forced to relocate further inland and found a new home in the former Le Fandy location.

Kind Burger brings high quality gourmet burgers, dogs and fries with gluten free, dairy free, nut free and worry free options to its guests.

On the menu:

Black Angus beef burger, American Kobe beef burger, turkey burger, lamb burger and marinated Portobello mushroom. Kind beef burgers, unless specified organic, are natural. Kind Burger uses 80/20 high quality ground chuck. All burgers are available on your choice of a potato roll, whole-wheat roll, gluten free roll or a lettuce wrap.

“Our burgers are never frozen. The quality beef is cooked on a Keating chrome top griddle in our opinion produces a great tasting burger. We also fry in Canola oil, therefore able to accommodate customers with peanut allergies,” states Cafaro.

There is no worry for cross- contamination cooking. Automatic fryers deliver a consistent product. Love fries? Choose between white crinkle cut, and sweet potato fries. Don’t care for a burger, they also offer three types of Hot Dogs – All beef Sabrette, Organic Turkey dog and Black Angus Dog. The turkey hot dogs are organic & also available are Bell & Evans hormone free, gluten free chicken tenders. Kind Burger will also offer organic specials.

The owners’ daughter suffers from a gluten allergy. After her diagnosis, they immediately started cooking gluten free foods and were eager to help the gluten-free community

kind window stickerKind Burger is the proud recipient of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) GREAT Kitchen seal of approval. As a GREAT Kitchen, Kind Burger is serving “gluten-free” with proper training and knowledge to be a gluten free, worry free establishment. You can also find Kind Burger on “Find Me Gluten Free” website and app,  and  Facebook.

Kind Burger

609 River Road

Fair Haven, New Jersey 07704