New Jersey’s Chocolatiers are Rabbit Ready

According to our candy makers, Easter is an important holiday.  Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs all play a part in the tradition of Easter for many of us. Chocolate Eggs actually date back to 19th century Europe where Jelly Beans only became part of our Easter festivities in the 1930’s. And then of course, there’s the peep which came on the market in the 1950’s.  

When we reached out to a few of NJ’s Candy kings, they were gracious enough to answer our questions in the little time they had between orders.  Barbera’s Chocolate on Occasion told us that Easter is probably the biggest holiday of the year for them and Mrs. Hanna Krause Candy echoed that, saying that their Easter business “carries them through to November!”  With their incredible selections of candy and treats, it’s no surprise.  When we asked Mrs. Hanna Crause Candy if they had an Easter Best-Seller, the response was, “Oh, god no!  There’s so many different things!  It all depends on what a person likes.”  From hollow eggs at Barbera’s to the 3 foot tall chocolate bunny at Mrs. Hanna Krause’s (they actually only sell 1 or 2 each year!), there really is something for everyone.

So, whether you’re a peep fan or all about the chocolate, these New Jersey candy stores are sure to have just what the bunny ordered.

Jagielky’s Homemade Candies, submitted by Michele Errichetti

Jagielky’s has been around since 1974 making delicious homemade confections handed down from secret family recipes. They have every kind of Easter bunny favorites you can think of to fill your basket. They even have diet and 70% dark chocolate creations. There are two locations in both Margate and Ventnor. My personal favorites if anybunny is listening are Turtles and Krispies.

5115 Ventnor Ave, Ventnor 609-823-6501 and 8018 Ventnor Ave, Margate 609-822-2204 I

Rauhauser’s Own Make Candies, submitted by Alison Heller

The Easter Bunny would be remiss if he didn’t make a stop at Rauhauser’s to fill his baskets. With three generations of candymakers preparing mouth-watering morsels, these candies are as close to perfection as I’ve ever tasted. Your life is not complete until you’ve tried Rauhauser’s Butter Creams. The only thing my grandmother ever wanted on Easter was a box of their Butter Creams, which she sweetly shared with all seven of her grandchildren.

721 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226 | 609-399-1465 |


Barbera’s Chocolate on Occasion, submitted by Jennifer Malme

Owner and Chocolatier Amy Barbera turned her love of all-things-chocolate into a thriving, hometown-homemade chocolate shop in Vineland. For Easter, you will find Chocolate bunnies of all shapes and sizes, filled eggs, hand-dipped fruits, jelly beans and custom baskets.

In Madison Square Center, 782 South Brewster Road, Vineland. 856-690-9998 or


Enjou Chocolate, submitted by Deanna Quinones

Enjou is a classic chocolate shop in every sense: small, inviting, and overflowing with seasonal treats. Along with a range of a jacket-wearing Peter Rabbit (from small to frighteningly huge), Enjou features its own long-eared holiday hopper in adorable variations from Baseball Bunny to Film Buff Bunny. Edible Easter baskets, jelly bean carrots, and peanut butter-filled eggs are also on offer. Be assured no matter what novelty treat you choose, their milk chocolate is wonderfully creamy and their dark simply divine.

8 Dehart St, Morristown, 973-993-9090


Mrs. Hanna Krause Candy, submitted by Melissa Baratta

Hanna Krause has the absolute best candy in the area. Around Easter time the lines are out the door, with patrons buying everything from homemade chocolates and truffles to pastel-colored jelly candies. The chocolate is high quality melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and comes in a variety of flavors, and their melting white and milk chocolate discs are great for making molds or cake pops. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

2220 Rt. 37 East, Toms River: