Voted Best in the World: Teuscher Chocolates

It’s that time of year again, when the thoughts of lovers young and old turn to…..chocolate! We’re fortunate to have the chocolate purveyor named Best Chocolatier in the World by National Geographic Traveler Magazine right nearby in Philadelphia. If you are in the market for a wonderful treat for your sweetie, look no further than Teuscher Chocolate, located at The Shops at The Bellevue at Broad and Walnut streets.

I first had the pleasure of tasting Teuscher Chocolate when I went on the Philadelphia Chocolate Tour a couple of years ago. As I reported back then, their champagne truffles are filled with a Dom Perignon-based champagne crème and are over-the-top incredible! The recipe originated 80 years ago with Teuscher’s founder, Dolf Teuscher and has never been changed. Today, there are only two people on the entire planet who know the formula for making Teuscher’s signature champagne truffles.

Based in Switzerland, Teuscher only has 10 U.S. outlets, including the one in Philadelphia. Teuscher is considered the finest chocolate in the world because of the quality of the ingredients that they use, as well as the integrity of their production. Each vat of chocolate is produced to Teuscher’s exacting specifications; with the cream, milk, and butter used in the chocolate procured from Teuscher cows who graze in an open field just outside of Zurich. There are no additives, chemicals, or fillers used, and the chocolates are made with fair trade beans. Teuscher uses the finest ingredients available: almonds from Spain; champagne from France; macadamia nuts from Costa Rica; hazelnuts, cherries, oranges, lemons from Sicily; and grapes from Greece. Because Teuscher does not use preservatives, the truffles have a short shelf life of about 3 weeks. Pralines and other confections last from six to twelve weeks – a contrast from conventional, mass produced chocolates, which can be on shelves for 18 – 24 months.

My friends at Teuscher were nice enough to send along a sampler of Teuscher chocolates just for me! I had only tasted the champagne truffles previously, and while they are amazing, Teuscher has much more to offer. There really is a difference with these chocolates. Just as fine wine has complex flavor notes, Teuscher has a depth and richness of flavor that you will not find elsewhere. From the lovely brown sugar undertones in the sea salt caramels to the citrusy tang of the chocolate covered oranges, each bite is a treasure. These are clearly chocolates which are meant to be savored slowly and carefully!

Teuscher Philadelphia has been open and operating from The Bellevue since May 2007. The Philadelphia location is a family run business. Owner Bruce Goldberg was first introduced to Teuscher in 1998, after stumbling upon their store in Boston. He knew that Philadelphia needed a chocolate recognized on an international scale and bringing that world class chocolate to his city was something he longed to do. Three years after opening in Philadelphia, Bruce’s daughter Rachel came on board-so it really is a family affair!

Teuscher Philadelphia teamed up with local artist Britt Miller of Britt Miller Art to make “The Philly Box.” The front of the box is an original painting by Britt of Philadelphia’s skyline. The Goldbergs also commissioned a mold of the Liberty Bell, which was sent to the Teuscher factory in Zurich. They now makes chocolate Liberty Bells to order. More collaborations are in the works.

Shipping is available throughout the US, and items can be shipped directly from the factory for impeccable quality and freshness to any international location.

Teuscher Philadelphia is open Monday through Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sundays 12 – 5pm. Online ordering is available at

Beth Christian subsisted primarily on cheeseburgers and liverwurst sandwiches during childhood and refused to try most new foods.  Her culinary horizons were expanded during her college days in Schenectady, New York, where she learned the joys of trying slow-simmered Italian dishes, Szechuan cuisine, and everything in between.  When not engaged in the practice of law in Monmouth County, Beth is busy scouting out interesting restaurants,  farmer’s markets and food purveyors near her home in Burlington County. Beth’s primary dining sidekick is her husband John, but she also enjoys having her daughter Meghan, son Michael and her wonderful friends come along for the ride. Email Beth at