Changes at Vineland’s Popular The Sweet Life Bakery

It’s a sign of the times. In a note to Facebook followers on Friday, The Sweet Life Bakery owners Stephen Wilson and Jill McClennen outlined a new business strategy that will mean changes to the Landis Avenue business. Citing the recent economic slump, including the June 2012 derecho and Superstorm Sandy, along with a change in priorities as their toddler son gets older, Wilson and McClennen have decided to scale back their retail operations to focus almost entirely on making cakes.

According to the Facebook notice, “As many of you know, the cakes have been a growing and sizeable portion of The Sweet Life’s business.  The potential market is much larger and the margins are more realistic and sustainable.  It will make our business more efficient, exciting and most importantly, more sustainable.”

The bakery will still attend local farmer’s markets and festivals, host private parties, and will be expanding their new baking/cooking classes known as SLICE, Sweet Life Institute of Culinary Education.

However, as of February 16, the bakery will no longer be offering lunches, breads, or pastries on a daily basis. Instead, The Sweet Life will be open Fridays from 11 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm for walk-in customers to enjoy a cup of espresso or a famous Sweet Life cupcake. Wilson and McClennen add, “We hope that you will continue to support us in our future endeavours.  Like people, a business must adapt to change or it can grow irrelevant or worse.  This is simply the next phase in our Sweet Life journey!”

The Sweet Life Bakery, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary, hopes to remain a vital part of the Vineland community through donations, career days, festivals, and relationships with its customers.

Jennifer Malme is a full-time mother, sometime substitute teacher, avid locavore, and enthusiastic supporter of New Jersey wines. Her lifestyle blog, Down-Home South Jersey, explores ways to live simply and eat well in and around Cumberland County. When she is not blogging, she enjoys cooking, touring local wineries, and reading. She has never met a cheese that she doesn’t like, and she especially enjoys finding new, authentic ethnic restaurants in her area. Jennifer lives in Vineland with her husband, teenage son, and very smart Siamese cat.