Bohemian Raspberry in Westfield

Frozen yogurt

It takes a lot to set apart a frozen yogurt shop as NJ continues to be overrun with them. Bohemian Raspberry manages to break apart from the group, though, with an original spin on the frozen yogurt business. When Hurricane Sandy hit Bohemian Raspberry stood out in another way, by providing the community with support in a time of need.

Bohemian Raspberry started with the idea that it would be more than just another frozen yogurt shop. To that end, the shop offers 16 flavors, including sorbets, sugar-free frozen yogurt and one organic yogurt. Flavors range from the traditional Vanilla and Chocolate to Apple Pie (a customer favorite), Cake Batter and Thin Mint. The store also has an incredible variety of toppings – everything from candy to fresh fruit, chopped nuts to organic gummy bears.

Wall of toppings

The selection of flavors and toppings might be enough on their own to help Bohemian Raspberry to stand out, but the owners wanted to give customers a reason to stop by no matter the time of day or the weather. They designed the front of the store to resemble a coffee shop lounge more than an ice cream shop, with comfortable couches and warm lightning. The owners follow through on the coffee shop theme by offering artisanal coffee drinks in addition to pastries from Balthazar Bakery. Sticky buns, croissants, scones and turnovers are all offered, and are more tempting than anything you’ll find at Starbucks.


The owners of Bohemian Raspberry strive to foster a sense of community and had a real chance to do so after Hurricane Sandy struck. Store Manager Barry Goldenberg was amazed when he showed up the following morning to find the store unscathed. As it was one of the few open businesses in the area, people flocked to the shop to power their electronics, share computers, or just grab a cup of hot coffee. The shop would stay open past midnight, waiting until the last customers left each night. Customers stopped by in the following weeks thanking Bohemian Raspberry for their hospitality and posting messages on Facebook that praised the shop as an “oasis” from the storm.

Hurricane Sandy customers

Hurricane Sandy was an incredible hardship for many people but Bohemian Raspberry proved that disasters can bring out the best in people. Throughout the Westfield community people are thankful that in their time of need Bohemian Raspberry opened their doors and provided people with not only frozen yogurt and coffee, but also kindness and a sense of normalcy.

Bohemian Raspberry
219 South Ave E
Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: 908 228 5616

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