Halloween Decorating with Food!

I love Halloween! The candy, the costumes, the parties, pumpkins and spooky black cats – did I mention the candy – take me right back to my childhood. Back then, the most important question during the month of October was “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

For a child, Halloween is a time of possibilities – you can be anything you want to be for one night, and your neighbors will give you treats for doing it!

But for us adults, Halloween has become a major expense. In fact, the average consumer will spend nearly $80 on candy, costumes, and decorations according to the National Retail Federation. Halloween is an $8 million industry that just keeps growing.

It’s enough to make you scream with fright!

But never fear, when it comes to decorating for Halloween on a budget, I’ve got you covered.

Here are a few fun, easy and affordable ways to stay festive without breaking the bank. And when November 1st rolls around, you can eat (most of) your decorations!

Candy corn is one of my favorite candies when it comes to decorating. Simply pour into a clean canning jar, top with a tealight candle, and you have a colorful centerpiece for your dining room table. And since this seasonal candy is usually on sale right now, you can’t beat the price!

Note: this is one time when you don’t want to eat the candy when you are done – wax doesn’t taste very good!

Yard sales and flea markets are loaded with Halloween decorations during the fall months. This bowl was a yard sale find for just 75 cents! Add peanuts and you have a bowl full of thumbs. Spooky…

Save glass jars during the year for your witches brew. Affix free labels (found on the internet) to clean dry jars and fill with “creepy” foods. Who knew that Twizzlers, raisins and dried cranberries could be so dreadful?

Did you think I would forget pumpkins? Fresh pumpkins are still one of the best bargains in Halloween decorating. And when you’re done with them, you can roast the seeds!

Have you tried any of these decorating ideas? Do you use food to decorate for Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.

Jennifer Malme is a full-time mother, sometime substitute teacher, avid locavore, and enthusiastic supporter of New Jersey wines. Her lifestyle blog, Down-Home South Jersey, explores ways to live simply and eat well in and around Cumberland County. When she is not blogging, she enjoys cooking, touring local wineries, and reading. She has never met a cheese that she doesn’t like, and she especially enjoys finding new, authentic ethnic restaurants in her area. Jennifer lives in Vineland with her husband, teenage son, and very smart Siamese cat.