Calling all Amateur Chefs!

Are you at your best in the kitchen with one hand manning the stove while the other cradles a glass of your favorite tipple? Is your ideal meal as likely to get you drunk as it is fed? Do you keep a case of wine on hand specifically for braising lamb shanks? Maybe you religiously select beers based on their compatibility with whatever is on the menu for the evening.  Or the only cake you know is one that is drowning in rum. Are you a daring soul who thirsts for culinary glory almost as much as you thirst for a nice, hard spirit? Then pop open the bottle and get your courage up with a quick shot, because The Food Experiments is coming to Jersey and we’re looking for dedicated amateur chefs to award cash, prizes and glory! On November 11th at the Maxwell’s from 1 – 4 pm, amateur chefs from all over town will be throwing down in a booze theme cookoff of epic proportions! Haven’t won you over yet? Check out some of these fantastic judges you might just have a chance to impress:

Did I mention every competitor gets $50 from a local supermarket to offset the cost of ingredients? Did I also mention that craft brews from Brooklyn Brewery will be served abound? Did I also mention the winner gets a free stay in Brooklyn (amid prizes from Le Creuset, Anolon, Microplane) to compete in the National Championships? It’s almost too good to be true, right? Almost.

Quit begging for glory and enter here.

Not bold enough to enter but still into boozey deliciousness and free beer (ok –the first one is free), get your ticket here.