Pickles Deli at Bally’s Atlantic City Unveils Food Challenge Complete with Behemoth Corn-Beef and Pastrami Sandwich

Goodie-gluttons, career-carnivores, and ravenous-rye-lovers rejoice, because Pickles deli at Bally’s Atlantic City has a sandwich so gigantic no conventional plate will suffice. This 3.8 pound monolith that can only go by one name, behold – The Monstrosity with Mustard. And till Labor Day guests can take it on in an epic challenge.

While the name is quite a mouth full in-itself, nothing truly compares to this staggering sandwich tower. Dreamt-up by Bally’s Executive Chef, David Utley of Bally’s, this titan is forged of one pound of Pastrami, one pound of Corn Beef, 4 Net Wt. Oz. of Dijon mustard, 4 Net Wt. Oz. of Red Onion, 12 slices of Tomato, 12 leaves of Lettuce, 24 thin slices of kosher Pickle, and three slices of Pullman Loaf Rye Bread.

“The fact that the Monstrosity weighs in at 3.8 pounds says it all. It’s the biggest and baddest sandwich I’ve ever seen here at Bally’s in all my years,” said Jerry Beaver, Director of Food and Beverage for Bally’s Atlantic City. “Pickles, Bally’s, possibly, the entire Atlantic City Boardwalk will never be the same.”

So are you one of the brave that wishes to take down the breaded breast? Then prepare your stomach for the fight of its life, because the quest for infamy commences now. From that point on Pickles will offer the sandwich to all that wish to stand mono y mono with the monster. Challengers will be given 30 minutes to finish off The Monstrosity with Mustard, but be warned the plate must be licked clean. If one displays the intestinal fortitude required to slay this demon of the deli than they will not only be praised with a photo on the Pickles Wall-of-Fame, but also receive a sandwich of their choosing from the Pickles menu everyday they walk into Pickles until Labor Day 2012.

Pickles combines all the staples of a traditional New York style deli, the plentiful menu boasts reasonable prices while featuring such Jewish deli staples as Matzo Ball Soup, Stuffed Cabbage with Gravy, and Potato Latkes Pickles. Though it could be argued the real stars at Pickles are the over-sized and stuffed sandwiches; Corned Beef, Pastrami, Brisket, Tongue, Turkey, and Ruebens. Its hours of operation are from Noon to 8pm on Monday thru Thursday and Noon to 9pm Friday thru Sunday. Pickles features inside dining accommodations, as well as Boardwalk seating and alcohol options which include wines and beer.

Please be aware The Monstrosity with Mustard must be ordered 24 hours in advance, no exceptions. For more information on this and Bally’s please visit