New Jersey Craft Beer Call to Action June 7th

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could visit your favorite New Jersey brewery and sit and have a pint right there in the tasting room?  How about if a New Jersey brewpub could package and sell its beer in your local liquor store?  Or if a brewpub could open a third location near you?  Well, passing bill A-1277 could do all that and more.   On June 7th, the bill gets voted on.  Contact the members of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday June 6th and support it’s passage!  If you need some economic fodder, check out my recent article for some ideas.

An email from Flying Fish Brewery tells you all you need to know so read it and take action now:

We Need You to Help Your NJ Breweries

On ThursdayJune 7th, New Jersey’s Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee will meet to vote on A-1277. The bill, developed by the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild, will give all craft brewers in the state more flexibility in how, when and where they sell and promote their beer.

By Wednesday, June 6th, please contact the members of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee (listed below) to let them know that you support the legislation as a craft beer consumer and ask them to VOTE YES on the bill.
It’s especially important if you live in the district of one of the committee members.  Not sure who your legislators are?  Find out here  

Current regulations highly restrict what New Jersey brewers can do—especially when compared to the surrounding states of New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Specifically, this bill would allow:

  • one company to open more than two brewpubs
  • production breweries to sell beer for on and off premise consumption
  • breweries and brewpubs to conduct informational tastings off premise
  • brewpubs to distribute beer through the wholesale network

This will lead to a healthier environment for small brewers and more choices for craft beer consumers.

When calling the members of the committee, you should comment on how this bill will help small brewers continue to create jobs, improve tourism opportunities and cut needless red tape. From the consumer perspective, you should comment on how the bill will allow you to have better access to the locally made craft beers you love and want more of.

Remember, please call or email these members by Wednesday, June 6th to make sure your voice is heard and your support for A-1277 is registered.

Thank you for your continued support of New Jersey’s craft brewers.

Members of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee

Mainor, Charles – Chair
(201) 536-7851
asmmainor@njleg.orgWilson, Gilbert – Vice Chair
(856) 547-4800
asmwilson@njleg.orgAlbano, Nelson
(856) 696-7109
asmalbano@njleg.orgBenson, Daniel
(609) 631-0198
asmbenson@njleg.orgConnors, Sean
(201) 795-9190
asmconnors@njleg.orgCryan, Joseph
(908) 624-0880
Kean, Sean
(732) 974-0400
asmkean@njleg.orgMcGuckin, Gregory
(732) 840-9028
asmmcguckin@njleg.orgPeterson, Erik
(908) 238-0251
asmpeterson@njleg.orgRible, David
(732) 974-0400
asmrible@njleg.orgWatson Coleman, Bonnie
(609) 292-0500