Here’s your hot restaurant buzz from Montclair!

Chef Michael Carrino, formerly of the acclaimed Restaurant Passionne, has decided to take the train! For the past several months Chef Michael Carrino, has been working on one of the most historic restaurant projects in New Jersey. The renowned chef plans to open his new restaurant concept this summer at Lackawanna Railroad Station, located at 1 Lackawanna Plaza. Visit Hot From The Kettle for more on the story, and  scenes from inside the station.
Church Street has long been called  “the gem” of Montclair; blossoms, boutiques, benches, and great breakfast! But one thing seemed to be missing. Restaurant enthusiasts have often lamented – albeit secretly -the absence of a world class chef on this picturesque, pedestrian friendly street.  Gastronomes can now rejoice over the arrival of acclaimed chef, Patrick Pierre-Jerome. Chef Pierre is heading up the kitchen at Albert’s Montclair, the re-imagined site of Cafe Amici.   Unlike Cafe Amici, Albert’s Montclair offers a menu as diverse and inspired as Montclair itself.  Read more about the tasting on Hot From The Kettle.

In other restaurant news, some new openings to anticipate include the return of Lance Knowling’s Indigo Kitchen to Montclair, as well as Olive That! and More, a purveyor of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars on Bellevue Ave. in Upper Montclair.  On Walnut Street, a quaint cafe/market, Le Salbuen, is due to open shortly, while right across the street, Red Eye Café is setting up shop!

And finally, we break from newsworthy content for a bit of foodie fantasy. Imagine! One chef, one week, and thirty-one courses.  Zod Arifai, the fascinating, rocker-turned-chef, invited me to dine at his restaurants, Blu, Next Door, and daryl – a Tour de Zod, if you will.  The dining experience left me, in a word: seduced.  In the afterglow, one question remained: how does this untrained culinary genius do it?  Read all about the extensive tasting on Hot From The Kettle!






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