Mini Mummy Pizzas are Eerily Delicious

These mini pizzas are the perfect post trick-or-treat meal. To keep those little hands from dipping into the candy bag too often, enlist the help of the children in the kitchen. They will love making them as much as they will love eating them!


English muffins (number will vary depending on number of people being served)

1 can or jar of pizza sauce

1-10 oz. bag of mozzarella string cheese

1 small can of sliced black olives

Diced green peppers or small slices of scallions


Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Split the English muffins in half and spread each half with a heaping tablespoon of pizza sauce.

Place 2 slices of black olives on the top third of the English muffin and place either a green pepper or scallion into the hole of the olive. These will act as the eyes.

Cut each piece of string cheese in half and pull apart in strands. Place the cheese strands, the mummy’s wrappings, across the English muffins taking care to not cover the olives.

Place English muffins on a baking sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the edges of the English muffin are crispy.

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Sheila Hill was born and raised outside Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her love for all things chocolate began at an early age and continues to this day. While Sheila eventually left central Pennsylvania to attend college in suburban Philadelphia, her roots to PA Dutch food and chocolate run deep. After college, Sheila traveled extensively throughout Europe and the US as a software consultant. Her many travels afforded her opportunities to indulge in local cuisines and cultures. Eventually settling in the Garden State, Sheila took one bite of a Jersey tomato, and she was hooked. Now as the mother of two, Sheila enjoys sampling all of the Garden State’s delectable delights including everything from restaurants to locally grown fruits and veggies to locally produced wines. On rare occasion (after jumping through hoops of fire and bending over backwards), Sheila and her husband hit a favorite, romantic restaurant for a quiet dinner or a local hot-spot for a much-needed night out. Follow Sheila’s adventures in motherhood at her personal and on Twitter @PiecesofaMom.