Munch Catering at the Nutley Farmer’s Market

Our Passaic County Regional Editor, Terry Krongold, visited with Munch Catering at the Nutley Farmer’s Market. Although it was a rainy day, Matt & Jessica persevered, and offered samples of two delicious recipes – Fresh Berry Smoothie and Summer Sugar Snap Pea Salad – both made with Jersey fresh summer produce! Check out the video below and then follow the links for the recipes.

Click for the Video: Munch Catering at Nutley’s Farmers’ Market

Summer Berry Smoothie

8 oz POM Blueberry Juice
4 oz strawberries, stemmed
4 oz blackberries, washed
4 oz blueberries, washed
3 oz vanilla yogurt
2 oz honey
5-6 ice cubes

Add berries, juice, and honey to blender. Set to highest setting and blend until smooth.

Add yogurt and ice cubes to blended mix and continue to blend until smooth.

Pour into two tall glasses and enjoy!

Try blending in a few basil leaves for a wonderfully subtle floral note. In addition to flavor, basil provides a rich source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Summer Snap Pea Salad

1 lb sugar snap peas, cleaned
2 radishes, washed
2 oz Ricotta Salata
4 slices bacon, sliced across
1/2 C Chimichurri (recipe below)

Place cut bacon into frying pan over low heat and allow fat to render out. When rendered, drain onto paper towel.

While bacon is rendering, slice snap peas in half and place in bowl.

Slice the radishes thin and place into bowl with peas.

Crumble Ricotta Salata into bowl with peas and radishes.

Add bacon and chinichurri to bowl and incorporate all ingredients together.


Combine 1/2 bunch parsley, 1/2 bunch cilantro, 2 garlic cloves, and 1/2 C olive oil into food processor. Once incorporated, squeeze a lemon into the mix and season with salt and pepper.

Terry Krongold is a life-long passionate baker. In addition to a full-time job in the pharmaceutical industry, Terry has been involved with food for many years, including co-ownership of a dessert catering company in the late eighties called I Love Cheesecake, specializing in fine cheesecake and unique desserts. Terry is the author of The Cook’s Tour, a blog focused on food, baking, and travel. When not working, writing, or baking, she spends time planning vacations around restaurants to visit. She can be reached at