CHOZEN, For The Ice Cream Observant

Chozen, the irreverently named line of premium kosher ice cream from Brooklyn (marrying the words Chutzpah, Chosen and Frozen), is worth visiting your local Kings, Whole Foods or Fairway for.  While summer means freshly scooped on a cone for many, for others it means eating straight from the freezer pint in a comfy chair away from the glaring sun in the privacy of your air conditioned living room.  Here’s what I love about this line:  the mouth feel is spot on.  High fat content means rich creaminess and a great vehicle for pristine ingredients.

The playful flavors, whether you are a member of the tribe or just religious in the sense that you worship great frozen desserts, range from Ronnie’s Rugelach to Apples and Honey, Chocolate Babka, Coconut Macaroon, and Matzoh Crunch to Chocolate Gelt.  This richly flavored line scores high in terms of flavor combinations, with Chocolate Gelt and Coconut Macaroon being the most popular in our testing.  While the flavors of the Ronnie’s Rugelach were a great balance of tang from the apricot and smoky cinnamon, both from the rugelach, the dough had a somewhat raw taste that was a bit off-putting.  Still, this is a product that delivers a fresh, bold array of flavor combinations in a seriously delicious way.   I also appreciate the natural ingredients being sourced from local farms.   So why wait for a Jewish holiday?  Enjoy, bubbeleh.

Heidi Raker Goldstein is our Bergen county regional editor.  A locavore, cooking enthusiast, publicist and mother of three junior gourmands, Heidi is equally comfy in greasy spoons and high-end restaurants.  When not visiting local farmers markets and farm stands in Bergen and Rockland counties, this New England native, former Manhattanite and Bergen county resident is busy running her PR and green marketing agency, Raker Goldstein & Co., buying food, planning menus, cooking food, writing about food or simply eating.  To reach Heidi, email her at