Graduate from Boring at Alumni Grill

Living at the Jersey Shore, it’s easy to get tired of pizza and cheesesteaks. Alumni Grill in Wildwood takes traditional American cuisine and subjects it to amazing twists and transformations to create an innovative menu that keeps me counting down all winter for opening day. While their menu is packed with flavorful, interesting sandwiches, wraps and burgers, there’s one in particular that’s like nothing I’ve ever had before: The Jekyll & Hyde Cheesesteak.
Jekyll and Hyde Wrap
It looks pretty unassuming (shown here on a wrap so I can tell myself it’s healthy), but wait until you take a bite. It’s 1/2 beef and 1/2 chicken steak with savory bits of bacon tossed in, melted provolone cheese and “special Jekyll Sauce” that makes this cheesesteak unforgettable if not addictive. I’m always full after one half, but it’s so delicious I can’t stop taking bites.

Dodge Balls

Their potato wedges are a popular side, but I recommend everyone try the Dodge Balls. These amazing little things are created by deep frying garlic mashed potatoes until the batter is light and crispy. They come with a honey jalapeno dipping sauce to satisfy any sweet and spicy craving.

Alumni offers an extensive menu of creative American cuisine, including salads, vegetarian and healthy options. They also have the Brain Freeze milkshake bar where you can quench your thirst with a shake or float. Milkshake bar

This year, Alumni Grill has added a food challenge worthy of an episode of Man vs Food. They’ve created a 7 lb monster consisting of 2 Jekyll & Hyde cheesesteaks, a large order of potato wedges with cheese and to complete the challenge, you must wash it all down with a Hank’s root beer float within 20 minutes. If you win, it costs $2. If you lose, it costs $20. The winners’ $2 will go into a pot and the winner with the best time at the end of the summer will win it all!

Alumni Grill
3316 Pacific Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260
(609) 523-1111

Alison Heller is the Jersey Bites Cape May County Regional Editor. She also writes for and She grew up on the beach in Wildwood Crest and currently works in advertising. After earning her Master of Fine Arts in English and Creative Writing in New York City (a place that was essentially Food Rehab), she stopped putting ketchup on everything and started experimenting with flavors. She loves sushi and cupcakes, sushi that looks like cupcakes, but never cupcakes that look like sushi.

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