Wineworks in Marlton

What could be better than a liquor store with thousands of types of wines, hundreds of craft beers, a huge selection of cheeses and a walk in humidor of cigars? Wineworks is a new wine store that opened up this past year in Marlton, NJ.  They call it a wine store but it has plenty of beer, hard liquor and cocktail mixers.  A walk around the store revealed that you can buy some very unique wines and beers for very competitive prices.  Did you ever see this many types of beer on one shelf? You can also “create your own six pack” by picking out six different types of beers.

I love how you can browse the wines by types of food.  There is a poultry shelf, a pizza shelf, a grilled meat shelf and an ethnic food shelf. All the areas have wines that go well with the type of food you will be eating.  It makes looking for a bottle of wine that much easier. There is also a large selection of wines from New Jersey wineries. If you are looking for local, you will find it here.

My favorite part of the store has to be their “taste of the harvest” selections where you can try four of the twenty wines available for tasting.  The customer can buy an Enocard for $10. Once a day you can visit and get  one – ounce samples of four different wines. You put your glass and card up to the machine and like magic the wines pours right out. Don’t tell anyone, but I am in there at least twice a week! It is very convenient especially since Wineworks is right next to the grocery store I frequent often.

This is a great place to stop on your way out to a BYOB restaurant. If you are not local, you can also buy many of their wines and beers online.  Wineworks has many seasonal wines that would make great gifts. They have inexpensive bottles with names like  Santa’s Little Helper, 3 Days of Peace and Music and Cupcake Vineyards.  All of these would make great holiday gifts. I know where I will be shopping for the holidays!

Lisa Grant: Lisa loves to eat and cook! A Jersey girl all her life, she loves to use local ingredients in her recipes when possible. Lisa is a mom and CEO of a household of four. She also does freelance writing and internet marketing. If there is any spare time, Lisa loves to feed her obsession with food by working on her recipe blog,  Jersey Girl Cooks.