This is New Jersey: Under the Sea

I’ve lived my whole life on the Jersey Shore and have never seen a whale. These fishermen weren’t expecting to see one either. Neither was the seagull who ended up as lunch. According to the Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center’s website, Humpback whales usually head to the Caribbean in the winter months to mate.   This guy didn’t get the memo.

I also don’t remember any seals bobbing in the surf as a kid, but these cuties have become regulars in our neck of New Jersey.  We have neighbors on the Manasquan River who spot seals sunning themselves on docks and beaches all summer long. This picture was taken from the Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team’s blog. For more information on New Jersey’s sea creatures and eco-tours, check out this great article by New Jersey Monthly.

“This is New Jersey” is our Saturday “way of life” feature bringing you images of New Jersey that may be new to you or at least a reminder of all that is wonderful about New Jersey.  We welcome submissions from photographers and amateur photographers, so please send us your photos.