This is New Jersey: Appealing Apples and Cranberries

The lines for apple cider donuts began forming even before the official 9:00 AM opening time at the Kirby’s Mill Apple Festival in Medford. Anticipation grew as we watched the donut makers from Apple Appeal stir the batter, form the donuts, and then fry them, flip them and dust them with cinnamon sugar. As we ordered and paid for our customary dozen, we could hardly wait until we bit into the first warm donut and got that tell-tale coating of cinnamon sugar around our lips and onto our shirts. They were absolutely worth the wait. We’re glad that the donut-makers rose early (pre 4 AM, in the style of that old “time to make the donuts” ad) to make a plethora of donuts for the hungry crowd.
John and I took bets on whether or not the dozen we brought home would last us 24 hours (they did-barely.)
On another beautiful fall day, I took a journey over to Chatsworth in the Pine Barrens with our friends Barb and Ray to check out the annual Cranberry Festival. In addition to crafts, a moon bounce and carnival fare, there were some interesting food purveyors offering samples of cranberry and rosemary jam, cranberry hot sauce, cranberry chutney and various other cranberry permutations. The good folks from Ocean Spray were there, too and provided generous samples of their delicious new fruit-based veggie drinks, cranberry-pomegranate juice, and blueberry lemonade. I never knew there could be so many ways to drink my requisite daily requirement of fruits and vegetables!

Even though our warm weather days are drawing to a close, we still have a number of food and wine related events coming up in the Garden State. For a list of some that occur later this fall, visit .

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Beth Christian subsisted primarily on cheeseburgers and liverwurst sandwiches during childhood and refused to try most new foods.  Her culinary horizons were expanded during her college days in Schenectady, New York, where she learned the joys of trying slow-simmered Italian dishes, Szechuan cuisine, and everything in between.  When not engaged in the practice of law in Monmouth County, Beth is busy scouting out interesting restaurants,  farmer’s markets and food purveyors near her home in Burlington County. Beth’s primary dining sidekick is her husband John, but she also enjoys having her daughter Meghan, son Michael and her wonderful friends come along for the ride.