Bites from the Editor

Sitting here with the windows open enjoying the soft, cool breeze wafting through my kitchen, I can almost forget the stifling heat and humidity of last weekend, almost.  Aside from the dog days of summer that surely await us, August is still one of my favorite months.  Not because we only have one more month before school starts (thank God) or that the ocean is finally warm enough for me to dip a toe in, it’s because all of those lovely seedlings so many of us tenderly catered to in June and July are finally showing us the love we toiled for.  Tomatoes are turning red, cucumbers are ripening on the vine almost faster than we can eat them, peppers are ready for picking and all those beautiful herbs are just begging to take every dish to the next level.  Just a simple tomato bruschetta this time of year practically brings tears to my eyes.  Fresh basil, warm tomatoes right from the garden, a little fresh garlic and good olive oil and I’m in Jersey Fresh heaven.

I guess you could call me a fanatic, and thankfully I’m not alone.  This past month we welcomed two new Regional Editors to the Jersey Bites Family and a new Assistant Editor, Candida Sadigh.  Our new Editor representing Morris County, Deanna Quinones, describes herself as “a freelance writer, blogger, and unrepentant chocolate addict.”  I’m sure we can look forward to some sweet stories as she indulges her addiction for the sake of journalism and Jersey Bites.  Victoria Hurley-Schubert, will be joining our Ocean County team. Vikki comes to us with over 10 years of journalism experience. She is currently on the staff of the Princeton Packet.  You can look forward to her visit to a local farmers market in August as well as her review of Bistro 44 in Toms River.

August is also the time for luscious, luxurious blackberries and our produce guy, Tom Kovacevich, will be back to give us the inside scoop on where to get them and what to do with them.   Our Reviews from the Road contributor, Phil Sikora, was busy tasting his way through multiple vino varieties in Montclair last month and we’re all anxious to hear about it in his upcoming post on Amanti Vino.   We’ll also be taking a family trip to a Bison Farm here in New Jersey.  Yes, I said Bison in New Jersey.  You know, those big animals that look like Buffalo without the humps on their backs.  And,  if all of that wasn’t reason enough to be excited about August on Jersey Bites, we’ll also be covering the Food Network’s Food and Wine festival in Atlantic City this weekend.  Actually, as you are reading this, I am hopefully knee deep in gourmet delicacies at the Grand Market or interviewing my idol, Paula Deen.

Exciting times here on Jersey Bites and we are so thrilled you are part of the family.  As always, we look for your tips and requests for information.  Don’t be shy.  You can email us at

Wishing you a happy and healthy August.