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This is New Jersey: Dog Beach in Manasquan

If there’s one word both my dogs recognize it’s “beach.”   If we have no immediate plans for taking the ride, we have to spell the “B” word in our house to avoid getting little canine hopes up.  Dog beach isn’t its official name, but it’s what the locals call it. The real name is Fisherman’s Cove conservation area.  (I think Dog Beach is a lot cooler.)  You may have read about Dog Beach last December, when our local “Miracle Dog” Buddy was found alive and well, (albeit 16 pounds lighter) after running away from his owners in August.  We were actually at Dog Beach the day Buddy ran away and saw him take off at rocket speed down the road.  The family never gave up hope.  Signs were posted everywhere in town.  My heart sank everytime I saw them.  Thankfully, we had a happy ending just in time for Christmas.  He was caught 98 days later by our local pest control legend, Muskrat Jack.  You can read all about Buddy’s adventures here.

You will find every shape and size dog makes friends fast on Dog Beach.  It’s a very friendly crowd of humans too.  If you’re nowhere near Manasquan here’s a website where you can find other dog friendly beaches in New Jersey and across the country, PetFriendlyTravel.com.  For more pictures of the pooch party on Dog Beach, check out our slide show on YouTube.

“This is New Jersey” is our Saturday “way of life” feature bringing you images of New Jersey that may be new to you or at least a reminder of all that is wonderful about New Jersey.  We welcome submissions from photographers and amateur photographers, so please send us your photos.  JerseyBites (@) gmail.com

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