5 ways to enjoy Jersey Peaches, NOW!”

New Jersey peach farmers are now approaching the peak of the harvest. This peach crop is the best quality crop in a decade, so do not miss out! Go buy local peaches NOW! Always buy peaches RIPE, you can tell a peach is ripe as it will have a wonderful sweet peach aroma. Never buy rock hard peaches that smell like cardboard, odds of them properly ripening for you at home are around 15%.   Here are 5 timely and delicious ways to enjoy Jersey peaches.

1. Pick your own, this is a “must do” experience. Find a farm, click here

2. Shop the Farmer’s Market, another “must do” experience, support our farmers and enjoy delicious ripe peaches. Find a market, click here

3. Amaretto Peach Parfait, video recipe with tips on selecting peaches.

4. Peach Gazpacho, video recipe for a great summer soup!

5. Grill your peaches, yes right on the grill. Gently halve or quarter your fresh peaches and place on the grill, skin side up. Grill for 5 to 10 minutes on medium. Grilled peaches are a fantastic side dish or topping for any meat or fish. Or consider serving with vanilla ice cream as a dessert!

This photo courtesy of GrillingTips.com

Tom Kovacevich is in the wholesale fruit and vegetable business in Philadelphia. His company, TMK Produce, distributes top quality produce to retailers and food service companies up and down the east coast. In 2008, Tom started a blog at BestFruitNow.com as a way to share his thoughts on what fruits are best each month. Geared for consumers, BestFruitNow.com also offers tips on how to select and prepare the fruits being recommended. An avid cook, gardener and all around foodie, Tom regularly travels the world meeting with growers ever learning more about his passion for fresh produce.