Takara Japanese Steakhouse in Oakhurst

Situated in a typical strip mall on Route 35 South, Takara Japanese Steakhouse is hard to miss with its heavy, wood doors and exotic palms.  My husband, daughter (an expert sushi connoisseur I might add)  and I opted for a late lunch, early dinner before this popular Japanese restaurant started heating up.  After many rushed business lunches and dinners at Takara, I was ready to relax and excited to try some dishes I’d never experienced before.

Takara is deceiving from the outside, the restaurant is really large and can accommodate all size parties.  With private rooms on one side (where we also enjoyed sitting on the floor one night on comfy cushions) a large hibachi room on the right, sushi bar on the left and their new cocktail lounge, Takara can dish out whatever dining experience you crave.   We chose to sit in the center of the room next to the Sushi bar where we could watch the sushi chefs at work.   Owner, Alan Chen, joined us at the table and smiled. He obviously had something special in mind for us.

Chef Chen proudly explained how particular he is when selecting the freshest fish and seafood for Takara.  With a quick whisper to  the sushi chef,  he placed our order.  Moments later, one beautiful dish after another was placed in front of us.  He slowly and proudly told us the name of each selection, including the ingredients and then went further on to explain the purpose or ‘event’ each dish was prepared for.

Chef Alan Chen and his wife and staff have created a culinary treat for sushi, seafood and meat lovers alike.   The ambiance, quality of food, and friendly and knowledgeable staff make Takara an exceptional choice for Japanese cuisine in Monmouth County.

Beverly A. Beveridge is our Monmouth County Regional Editor Bev resides in Eatontown with her husband, Bob, daughters, Melissa and Brittany, son, Glenn, dog, Bailey and cats, Kitty and Slodki (polish for honey/sweet). She enjoys dining out, piano, tennis, travelling, designing her JERSEY GIRL swimsuits and Calendar, music (especially Rock Concerts) and meeting people. Enjoy her ‘fun’ reviews!  Passport to Peru – Home of the Jersey Girls Swimsuit models and ‘Calendar’ Girls!  ‘Passport Swimsuits – A Swimsuit to fit ‘every body’.  www.passporttoperu.net