Sip & Twit Wine Tasting at The Wine Loft

Tambi Spit and TwitMany of you already know that Twitter and I are quite an item. I realize the little blue bird does not appeal to all, but for the 20 + million people using Twitter, it’s a down right addiction.  So, when Wine Twits contacted me to tell me that they were throwing a Sip and Twit event at The Wine Loft in Pier Village on Wednesday February 10th and asked if I wanted to get involved, I said (in under 140 characters of course) Absolutely, I’d love to.

So, what the heck is a Sip and Twit you ask?  Very Good question.  I had no idea myself.

A Sip & Twit requires guests to have a Twitter account and mobile device in order to participate in the Twitter portion of the event. However, you can also enjoy the tasting without tweeting. The room is set up like a traditional tasting, with stations featuring wines from around the globe. Representatives from major wine labels and wine brand ambassadors are available to educate and inform.

Whereas a typical tasting involves attendees busily scribbling in notebooks, Sip & Twit participants are able to “tweet” their tasting notes as they walk around the room. The tweet-feed is simultaneously broadcasted locally to plasma screens around the room and globally to the online community utilizing the WineTwits technology.

The live feed will encourage interaction between the participants as the collective public discussion evolves on the screens throughout the space allowing for some fun interaction between guests.

So, interested, intrigued?  Come out and join us at the Wine Loft on February 10th between 5pm to 7pm.  You can RSVP for this event by following this link. 

Tweet you There!!

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