Back to School with the Supermarket Guru

phil-lempert-back-to-schooljpgIt’s back to school, it’s back to school, IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!!!  Can you hear the maniacal laugh, see my crazy hair, eyes buldging? This summer has been the busiest summer of my life as far as business goes, which is good, it’s great.  It’s just really hard when the kids are off from school.  But, that will be changing as of next Tuesday.

To help get us all in the back to school frame of mind and on the right foot nutritionally,  today the folks from  ConAgra will be hosting a webinar with Phil “The Supermarket Guru” Lempert. It’s free webcast from and open to all  between 2 and 3pm est.

Phil will be sharing money-saving shopping tips, lunch box alternatives and quick meal ideas.

He’s a lively and entertaining speaker, full of interesting food facts. More importantly, I always learn helpful tips and tricks from him. But if that’s not enough, there will be giveaways throughout his presentation, too.

Click to register for the event. You can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #FoodsULove on Wednesday, 9/2.

And, sing it with me  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”