I’m a Local

Boardwalk View from I'm a LocalWhen you live year round at the Jersey Shore, there is a short and sweet phrase that we residents proclaim with great pride:  “I’m a Local.”  It’s like a secret handshake or whispered password which ultimately leads to our commiserating over the lack of parking and bumper to bumper traffic.  Now, we locals actually have a place to call our own with the newly opened 1940’s style I’m a Local Cafe and Cabana Club tucked away on the southern end of the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk.

During the summer months when crossing the street is a serious heath hazard and the wait at the local restaurants keeps us locals tied to the backyard barbecues, we yearn for a quiet spot on the water where we can enjoy the serenity of our beloved beach.  Well, now we have it.   And, no, you don’t have to be a local to eat at I’m a Local.  You’ll just feel like one. (and you better know the secret handshake.)

Nothing fancy here folks. Just good honest breakfast and lunch menu.  Good prices and healthy choices not normally associated with Boardwalk fare: wraps, salads, soups, even sushi. The owners are no strangers to feeding the locals.   During the school year,  they fill the bellies of the hungry students at G. Harold Antrim Elementary School.  My son and the cook on duty, a high school student, spent some time talking about what teachers they had in common.  You don’t get any more local than that.


The friendly staff gave me the inside scoop on some of their more popular items.  Pancakes, definitely a big crowd pleaser.  My son ordered one of their subs ($5.99) which was huge and as you can see below, full of fresh veggies and a generous helping of ham and cheese.  They also offer the more typical grilled items like hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled chicken and cheese steaks.

The cabana club which shares the building has lockers, showers, changing rooms, restrooms and sundries.  I asked the owner’s daughter how long after the season is over do they plan to keep the cafe open.   Evidently, they’re still debating that issue, but she seemed to think through mid-October.    Right now, their summer hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm (on nice days) 8:00am to 3:00pm (on Rainy days when the beach is closed.)

subSo, as their menu states, “whether you’re a resident or vacationer who is looking for a more local experience, ride the nostalgic wave south to the very end of the Boardwalk.”    I think you will really enjoy the laid back atmosphere and friendly waitress service.  Hey, no standing on line for your food, that’s reason enough to venture down the boards.

I’m a Local Cafe & Cabana Club
1000 Ocean Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ