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girls-2Last weekend, my best buds and I had a “staycation” in Lavalette.  No kids, no hubs, no computers which resulted in me wandering around from room to room in the house wondering what the heck to do with myself.  But, once I got acclimated with the offline world (as I clutched my blackberry) I was able to relax and have a really great time with some really hilarious women.

margarita pie Hemingway's On our first night, we ventured out (via taxi) to Hemingway’s in Seaside Heights.

I had heard really great things about Hemingway’s from several people.  When I tweeted that I was going there, I got replies telling me the pizza was very good and so was the sushi.

I will not say the food is anything super special, but its pretty darn good.  We didn’t partake in the sushi that night but the pies were excellent and we sampled a few other appetizers off the menu.  Everything was very tasty.  I would not say Hemingway’s is a place to go for gourmet food.   It’s more a destination for a really good time.  It’s surprising actually.  The space is huge.  They have 6 pool tables in a very “upscale” area with big screen TV’s and a bar that overlooks the open kitchen.  There is a second bar that also overlooks the pool room which hosts several dart boards.  This is not your typical dive pool hall place, believe me.  For a great night out with a group of friends, this is the perfect place.

By Sunday when the 6 of us strolled to breakfast our jaws were literally sore from laughing all weekend.  Oh, yeah, and I got my butt kicked in darts, but that’s another story.  (Revenge will be mine, Jenny.)

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