Soup Recipes: A collection of best soup recipes

Creamy tomato basil soup
Creamy tomato basil soup

On this frosty 20 something degree day here in New Jersey, I got to thinking about soup and about the millions of recipes floating around out there on the web.

I know that I have a couple of really excellent soup recipes in my pocket, but just a couple. It would be nice to have a collection of fantastic soup recipes to turn to in a pinch. So, I decided to go to the experts, my fellow Food Bloggers and the members of Jersey Biters, and ask them for their tried and true, absolute favorite soup recipes. They were kind enough to pony up, so here you go, the best soup recipes from here on Jersey Bites and from across the Blogosphere.

If you have a favorite, I am more than happy to add to our list. Please send me a link or leave a comment below.

Healthy Soup Recipes

Chicken, Butternut Squash and Cabbage Soup (Jersey Bites Original)

Chicken Pesto Tortellini Soup (Submitted by Elle’s New England Kitchen)

Crockpot Pasta e Fagioli (Submitted by A Year of Crockpotting)

Egg Drop Soup (Submitted by Food Renegade)

“Healified” Cheesy Potato Chowder (Submitted by Bookworm Cooks)

Hearty Potato Chowder (Submitted by See page 12 of their free plan)

Soba Soup with Spinach (from

Decadent Soup Recipes

Cream of Mushroom Soup (Submitted by White Trash BBQ)

Creamy Tomato Basil (Jersey Bites Original)

Tuscan White Bean Soup with Prosciutto (Submitted by Recipe Girl)

Soups that are “On the Fence” (meaning you can lighten them up or keep them the rich, creamy way the dairy Gods intended.)

Vermont Pumpkin Soup (Submitted by The Leftover Queen)

Pasta e Fagioli (Submitted by SAC Foodies)