Coupon Clipping, Week 2 Over $35 in Savings

It’s week two of my coupon clipping campaign using‘s savings system. Presidents’ Day unfortunately put a minor wrench in the works this week since the newspapers don’t include coupon circulars on Holiday weekends. Who knew? I found this out from the helpful members of the CouponMom forum. If you are a crazed coupon clipper like me or are just starting to develop the disease, you may want to bookmark this link circular calendar for the year.

Big bargains this week: This week my shampoo and conditioner are on sale at Shoprite for $4.99 a bottle. If you buy two bottles you receive a $5 off coupon toward your next purchase. In addition, I had a $1.00 off coupon. So, end result; 2 (25 oz.) bottles of Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner for $3.99.

Another great deal is on Bounty Basic Paper Towels.
Shoprite has the 8 packs on sale 2 for $10. CouponMom alerted me to the Bounty $1.00 off coupon in the February 8th circulars. In addition, if you buy 4 P & G products within a certain group of items, you receive a $5 coupon toward your next shopping order and a free Shoprite Bag worth .99 cents. Within this group of items, I purchased Cascade gel on sale for 4.99 with a $1.00 off coupon.

The last big bargain of the day was on Hot Pockets. My boys love Hot Pockets. I love that they’ll eat the ham, egg and cheese ones for breakfast instead of sugary cereals or pastries. Yes, I realize they’re full of preservatives and there are better alternatives, but my kids won’t eat the better alternative yet, so for now, getting a little protein in them in the morning is a good thing. Hot Pockets are on sale this week 5 for $10. If you buy 10 boxes of either Hot Pockets or Stouffer’s Red Box meals, you receive a $5 off coupon toward your next order. In addition, I had a $1.00 off coupon. End result, 10 boxes of Hot Pockets for $14.00. That’s $1.40 a box. Now, I am fortunate enough to have a stand up freezer in my kitchen. I realize not everyone could buy 10 boxes at a time.

The end result of my shopping trip was a coupon savings of $17.61 with $13.00 off my next shopping trip. Total savings: $30.61. In looking over the circular for this article I realized that I did not receive one of my $5.00 off coupons. So, the true total saving should have been $35.61. Oh, and two free shopping bags. Not bad for my second week using the system and only one week of coupons. There were so many other great bargains that I would have loved to take advantage of, but I don’t have the corresponding circulars. In one month, I should be up to speed. (Tip: Write down all the coupons you should receive at checkout and compare your coupons to your list before leaving the store. I obviously didn’t do this.)

As a final note: In the spirit of saving, I decided to give a try yesterday. I bought a $25 gift certificate to Viva’s in Belmar for $4. Today I learned that is having a new special that’s an even better bargain, a $25 Gift Certificate for 70% off, only $3. If you have a favorite restaurant that is in their database or you’ve been meaning to try a new restaurant, check before you go. You could end up saving $22 off your next meal.
Take 70% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates. Use code PREZ and pay $3 thru 2/19/09.