Our New Win It Wednesday, Sponsored by Goody Green Bag.

This Week’s “Win It Wednesday” is brought to you by GoodyGreenBag.com. One lucky winner will get their choice of one totally trendy, eco-friendly, reusable bag for the style conscious and environmentally friendly shopper. The bags are made from non-woven polypropylene – a coated, water resistant material that is light-weight, durable, fire resistant and washable.

I personally loved this design called “Bad to the Bone.” But, the winner will have his or her choice of one of 6 different designs. Every bag Goody Green Bag makes easily folds down to the size of an envelope. Keep it in your car, purse, even your coat pocket.

To Enter to Win, simply leave a comment WITH YOUR CONTACT EMAIL. This Giveaway ends on Tuesday, January 20th, at 11:59 pm. The winner will be selected with the help of Random.org.

Thanks Goody Green Bag for sponsoring this week’s Win It Wednesday and here’s to……