We Have a Winner, Two Sisters Gourmet Salsa

Happy Boxing Day Everyone,

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re not alone. There are several theories as to the origin of “Boxing Day” floating around the web and I am not going to presume to know which is correct. I think snopes explains the day and the many theories behind its origin the best.

Never-the-less, in the spirit of “Boxing Day” (giving without expecting anything in return, that is) we are awarding the Two Sisters Gourmet Salsa package to this week’s winner,


who said…

Wow, this looks great! What a welcome change from traditional holiday food!

Congratulation Jeanie, and please contact me with your mailing address.

We’re going to pick up our “Win It Wednedays” on January 7th, so stay tuned for some great giveaways in 09. Tomorrow I will be posting my absolute favorite Green Bean Casserole recipe, compliments of Martha Stewart. It’s a huge hit during the holidays and I’m sure will become a favorite in your house too. Enjoy your Boxing Day.