10 Inexpenive Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie

It’s no secret that the gift buying season is upon us. I am one of the worst at gift buying because I’m just too darn practical. The things I like and the things I want to give have to be functional, durable, attractive and oh, yes, affordable. So, if you’re like me and want to give gifts that will really get used and appreciated for years to come, here are my top 10 picks for the foodie in your life. Or, maybe they’ll be going on your wish list, even better. There’s a couple here on mine.

Salt Celler This is my favorite cooking companion. It’s pretty and functional and makes me look so official. I keep my kosher salt right next to the stove and feel like a real chef when I’m pinching and tossing just like on TV.

Small Spatulas A set of small silicone spatulas makes a great stocking stuffer. I actually bought my set of three mini-spatulas at the dollar store and they’re great, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Incredibly handy for getting the last bit out of jars, coaxing sticky ingredients out of measuring spoons and delicate cake decorating.

Prep Bowls Here is my favorite set of 5 Piece Measuring Prep bowls from Mario Batali The perfect gift for that anal retentive foodie who likes to play cooking show. This set sells for $9.99 and comes in four different colors. You will find a million uses for these bowls. I use the smallest size all the time for personal “dip” bowls for my kids’ chicken nuggets or carrot sticks with ranch dressing.

Manual Juicer When a recipe calls for fresh citrus juice, don’t cheat and use the bottled stuff. The real deal is so much tastier. I love using fresh citrus juice in recipes like Ina Garten’s Outrageious Barbecue Sauce but I’m not one for electronic gadgets cluttering up my counter space, so this manual juicer is my juicy tool of choice. MIU Stainless-Steel Juice Extractor

Stick Blender This is one of the handiest tools ever invented. I use my stick blender whenever I am making Spicy Corn Chowder or Creamy Tomato Basil Soup. If you have a soup lover in the house, they will love this gift. Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender CSB-76

They call this a Microplane Adjustable Slicer. I don’t have one of these, but I want one. (hint, hint Santa) From the reviews it sounds like a quicker, easier, more convenient alternative to a full size mandoline. Easy to clean and store as well. Next time I make Grilled Tomato and Cheese (for Santa) my tomatoes will be oh so pretty.

Cooking Magazine Subscription Every foodie on the planet loves to dive into a monthly collection of new ideas and inspiration. One of my favorite inspirations is Cooking Light Magazine. If your favorite foodie has his or her own fav, buy them an issue and tuck in a year or two year subscription.

Specialty Food Products

Food enthusiasts always get giddy with unique and hard to find sauces, relishes and jellies. Pare your specialty food product with crackers or a nice serving utensil in a pretty basket. Serving suggestions are always appreciated too.

Recipe Organizer If your foodie is like me, he or she has stacks of recipes looking for a stylish home. I love the look of this organizer from Bon Appetit, not too frilly or silly like so many others.

One of a Kind Finds
This Soup Tourine was hand crafted by Jorge Quevedo an artist in Mexico who sells his masterpieces on one of the coolest websites for unique gifts, Novica.com. Novica, in their own words “unites you with more than 2,000 extraordinary master artists around the world. Read about their lives, explore their fascinating cultures, and select from more than 20,000 handcrafted works of art.” You can find everything from exotic table runners and placemats to serving bowls and candle sticks. If you want to make an impression and show your food lover how much you lover her, or him, Novica is the place to go.

I hope my list of gifts has given you some ideas for your favorite foodie. If you have gift suggestions or want to send a letter to Santa here on the site, please leave a comment below.