Wat-Aah, Bottled Water with Attitude?

As you can see, I chose two very skeptical young men to test out the latest in bottled water called Wat-Aah. (As you can also see, we’re a family of hams.)

So, what the heck is Wat-Aah anyway? Well, according to the company literature “Wat-Aah aims to help combat childhood and teen obesity by offering a healthy drink alternative, with attitude, not sugar.” Attitude works well in our house. (We are from Jersey after all.)

Wat-Aah is not just water, it comes in 4 varieties targeting key elements of the healthy body: Bones, Brain, Energy and Body. Water for Bones has added calcium. Brain has added electrolytes. Energy has added electrolytes and oxygen for increased metabolic function. And Body, well, is actually just plain old water in a cool bottle.

When the box arrived from Let Water Be Water, LLC, my kids were instantly excited by the look of the bottles and wanted to try it immediately. They did expect the water to have different flavors but got over it quickly. I found the design of the bottles did exactly what the product aims to do, it targets kids and motivates them to choose the water over other sugar laden drinks. The boys had two friends over who also asked for the Wat-Aah water.

So, there you have it. We all know we’re supposed to be drinking more water. Geez, I got a lecture from my personal trainer just the other day on this very topic. Getting the kids to choose water over other sugary drinks is another story. Wat-Aah’s goal is a noble one and I like noble causes.

Right now, you can purchase Wat-Aah in Whole Foods stores and other fine retail outlets in New York City and at www.drinkwataah.com. Wat-Aah is pouring into to Jersey as we speak, so be on the look out for this guy in stores near you.