My Birthday Present to Me, the results are in….

Drum roll please……..

I know how Jersey Bites fans have been following my fitness quest with bated breath. Well, my

self imposed 30 day fitness challenge ends today with my 43rd birthday. The end result? I lost 7 pounds and 2 % body fat, yeah, I know, and my tan. I still have some more to lose (body fat that is) but have been told by my friends at Fitness Together after my evaluation today, that I must start drinking more water and eat another small meal before bed. I love this, I get told I need to eat more. I can manage that.

(Doesn’t this look like a cheesy Nutrisystem commercial? Sorry about that. I promise no air brushing took place. )

While what I lost this month is very motivating, what I gained is invaluable. I finally learned how and what to eat to effectively lose the fat and build muscle. This is a very powerful feeling. I now have the tools I need to really get the job done. After 30 days of very challenging workouts and eating 4 meals a day with carefully proportioned protein/carb/fat ratios, you can see the end result and it was done the proper way.

I was too embarrassed to show the whole picture of me in the bikini.

Oh, what the heck, here you go.

Look at me at 43.

It’s a great start and a great Birthday present to Me.

If you are located in Monmouth or Ocean County, give yourself a great next birthday and call my friends at Fitness Together. If you’re not local, they also offer nutritional counseling sessions by phone.

Fitness Together
150 Main street
Manasquan, NJ 08736 – Map

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Phone: 732-292-1333