Panko-Encrusted Flounder with Tomato and Spinach

Alright, get used to it. Everything I cook from now until November is going to have a tomato on it, in it, or under it. Sorry folks.

Actually, this is the remake of the fish I made for dinner last night. I visited my local Fish Co-op yesterday and they were filleting a fresh Flounder. So, Flounder it was. I tried to go the quick and easy route and used some bottled Wasabi sauce to dip the fish in before breading.

Unfortunately, the sauce just did not pull through the pan searing process. I couldn’t taste even one hint of Wasabi. The fish was still tasty, cooked to perfection I might add. (patting myself on back) The directions I found said 3 minutes each side. Cooking time was 3 minutes total, so don’t go by what you read. Always keep a close eye on fish. There is nothing worse than overcooked fish. Well, overcooked lamb is pretty bad. Oh hell, overcooked anything just plain sucks, so don’t do it.

So, what you see here is my lunch today. A few slices of tomato with shredded Parm on top. I wilted the baby spinach with a little olive oil in the microwave and voila. Delicious.

My shout out to you is, if you have a good recipe for Wasabi encrusted anything, send it my way. A restaurant we love called Europa South makes the most amazing Wasabi encrusted Sea Bass. I order it every time we’re there. I would really like to be able to recreate that flavor at home.