Live from Martha Stewart Show

Hey everyone, I’m blogging live from the Martha Stewart show. Cut me some slack, I’ve never live blogged before, but its so cool.

10:02am: Live From Martha Stewart’s Blogger Show

Being entertained by the “warm up guy” who is very funny. Some amazing bloggers in the audience. Two minutes from Martha. Matt, my hero, from Matt Bites is here.

I’ll be back. Need to stand and clap soon.

10: 05

Martha looks great. Her set is so cool, her whole little world right here. Kitchen, greenhouse, bedroom, all in one studio. Camera in my face, trying to smile and type.

Martha’s sister, Laura, who works with Elliot Laskin are here. They manage Martha’s Blog is here. Four of the magazine editors are here also.

Man, 4 bloggers just got free Canon G9 cameras.

Some of the other bloggers, SmittenKitchen, Cuteoverload, next up, Perez Hilton


Perez receives 9 million hits per day. OMG Blog ads is the ad group he uses. (note to self, just ignore. 😉 Geez, he blogs for 12 hours a day. He lives in LA and has a whole posse of spies in LA.


Matt Bites is on. He’s doing great.

I don’t think this is the easiest show Martha has ever done. She looks stressed. It’s a little hard to have an audience full of mad bloggers typing away. They keep trying to get us to clap. I have to remind myself to look up from my computer and watch the show. Next up, Political bloggers. Ben Smith and Jonathan blog for

Oops, Martha just called Sarah Palin, Sharon Palin. I think I saw Martha blush. She handled it all gracefully, no worries.

Man, I wish we got a bathroom break.

My battery is about to die, so I’m signing off for now. I’ll load pictures when I get home. Meeting with fellow bloggers for lunch after the show.


Had a great lunch with some fellow bloggers from I got to meet Vanessa from and Liz from and ThisFullHousereviews. So great to meet them in person and they had so many tips and contacts to help JerseyBites. Thanks ladies. It was a long day in the city and I was dog tired when I got home. So glad I don’t have to do that haul everyday. I’ve finished a guest blog post on my experience for and when its live, I’ll be sure to post the link.