Shrimp with Alfredo Bowties and Spinach

This post was submitted by a fellow Jersey Biter and good friend, Jenny. Aunt Jenn as we like to call her. I can testify to the words below about her husband in addition to the fact that the man can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And that’s not an exaggeration. Thanks for the post Jen. I hope this is the first of many.

Hi Everyone,

Before we get started there’s a few things you should know about my husband. First of all, he’ll pretty much eat anything I put in front of him. Secondly, no matter what it is, he’ll eat a lot of it! Normally, no matter what I throw together he, he tells me it’s wonderful. (Once I put frozen chunks of swordfish in the crockpot with BBQ sauce. I thought it was pork! He thought it was delicious! Eeeeww!) But this super-quick & easy meal was a huge hit. He must have told me 5 times how good it was, so I’m sure for a normal guy it would be acceptable. The reason I liked this dinner was because everything I used to make it I usually have in the house. I can’t even really call it a recipe because there’s no way to mess it up, it’s really just an idea. And it took me literally 15 minutes to make!

Here’s what I used:

• 1 Box of bowtie pasta
• 1 Jar of alfredo sauce
• 1 Bag of fresh spinach
• Frozen cooked & peeled shrimp
• Cajun spice
• Black pepper
• Parm/Romano grated cheese

Here’s what I did:
I boiled the pasta. I rinsed the shrimp to semi-thaw it. (I even pulled the tails off so that it wouldn’t slow down my husband!) I threw the shrimp in a frying pan with a little bit of butter, and sprinkled it with Cajun seasoning. Since the shrimp was already cooked it didn’t take long to heat it through. When the pasta was cooked and drained I threw it back in the pot and added the alfredo sauce. I put it on a low flame to heat up the sauce and sprinkled it with black pepper. I poked a few holes in the spinach bag and microwaved for about two minutes. That’s it! Layer and top with some parm/romano grated cheese. I’m not sure how many normal people this would serve, but like I said, my boy can EAT! His plate contained the entire bag of spinach, ½ lb of pasta & about 20 shrimp. Also for the real cooks out there I’m sure fresh shrimp would be better, but I’m all about the easy.

I’m looking forward to many different variations of this dish.
…Spinach, linguini, shrimp scampi…spinach, elbow mac & cheese with ham…spinach, ziti, tomato sauce & chicken…
Can you tell I love spinach? It’s a great veggie! If only it didn’t make my teeth feel funny. How about you?

Jen M.