Hangover Heaven, The Brickwall Tavern and Dining Room

The next time you wake up on a Sunday morning feeling like someone used two bricks to play “clap the erasers” on your skull, take your hurtin’ head to The Brickwall Tavern and Dining Room in Asbury Park. Peter and I just happened to stop in for lunch last Sunday (our brains were just fine thank you) and we could not help but notice the number of the Bloody Marys bartender Timmy was doling out. Timmy informed us that “It’s this way every Sunday.” I did not partake in the Bloody Marys (can’t stand them) but we were told as far as Bloody Marys go, Timmy’s are killer. That’s Timmy right there. We did notice that the actual name of the drink on the menu is “Timmy’s Bloody Mary” so, evidently, Timmy is not allowed to take Sundays off, ever.

In addition to the Marys, they also have a very impressive Breakfast menu available all day. No matter what time you roll out of bed and drag your sorry self in, you will still be able to partake in all the greasy goodness a hangover demands.

Brickwall Breakfast – Two eggs and style served with bacon, tater tots, and choice of toast $10 (OMG Tater Tots)
Breakfast Skillet – Scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, grape tomatoes and cheddar cheese served over tater tots.
Green Eggs and Ham – Two eggs served scrambled and served with ham and tater tots
French Toast served with fresh whipped cream, strawberries and bacon
Cheesesteak and eggs with American Cheese, peppers and onions wrapped in a flour tortilla

And, if you want to chase away that hangover once and for all, end your meal with a Chocolate Irish Whiskey cake served with Guinness Ice cream.

Then, get your hung-over butt home for a long nap.

The Brickwall Tavern is one of our favorite places to go in Asbury Park. It’s casual and hip with tons of exposed brick and high ceilings with exposed duct work. They offer one of my favorite Organic wines, Bonterra, and a very impressive line up of beers on tap, as you can see. The food is always good whether you’re hung over or not and the prices are fair too. They’ve got 3 big screen TV’s over the bar for you sports fans.

For more information about the place, visit their website below.

The Brickwall and Tavern
522 Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ