Elizabeth’s Week Night Chicken Cutlets

Submitted by a Jersey Bites Fan

This is my go to recipe during the week. It can be paired with pasta or rice and is great the next day cut up in a salad. My husband loves leftover on Italian bread with cheese melted over it.

1 lb. thin sliced chicken cutlets

3 eggs

salt, pepper

1 cup flour

2 T soy sauce

1 T dried parsley flakes

2 T olive oil

Beat eggs, salt, pepper, soy sauce and parsley in medium size bowl. Pour flour, salt, pepper into plastic bag. Heat olive oil in skillet. Put cutlets into flour mixture, shake and coat. Take them out of the mixture and shake off excess flour. Put each cutlet in egg mixture and place in pan. Cook in oil, on each side till golden brown. Serves 4.

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