The one kitchen tool I can’t live without, besides my hands

The one comment I hear most from guests who have never seen me cook is “Oh my God, that’s your cookbook?”

Yep, there she is in all her stained, burned, dog-eared glory. Just your basic three ring binder. The front, inside pocket I use for untried recipes. They haven’t earned “cookbook status” yet.

I divided the section by: Appetizers, Meats, Fish, Poultry, Soups and Breakfast. Yep, no dessert, that’s one thing I never make. Hopefully, we’ll get some good bakers to participate and share their dessert recipes because it won’t be coming from me.

To finish your cookbook, purchase some plastic sheet protectors from the stationary store or any WalMart, Target, etc. And that’s it. For any cook who relies on the Internet and cooking magazines for inspiration like I do, your very own cookbook will be your next best friend in the kitchen.