Anyway, about me

Many of the visitors to Jersey Bites have mentioned that I don’t give any information about myself. So, in response to the constant clamoring for more more more about me, me, me, here you go.

I am a work from home, single mom. I have two gorgeous ever growing boys and a wonderful boyfriend who was actually my boyfriend in High School. There is something very special about being with someone who has known you since you were 15. (You can read more about our torrid love affair here.)

My other (real job) is in the nanny industry. I have several online nanny businesses, and oh, and, I am a former Nanny and have been in the nanny business for about 10 years now.

Prior to my nanny business, I worked as the Chief of Staff for my local State Senator and Assemblymen. I later went on to work for the New Jersey Lottery in marketing. When my first son was born was when I stopped working and starting thinking about my own business.

In my spare time (ha) I take a boxing class that kicks my butt every week and I am constantly cooking and writing about food for Jersey Bites.

In my life B.C. (before children) I was an amateur actress in local productions and if my boyfriend has any say in the matter, I will most definitely be back on stage one day.

And that’s it. Probably more than you needed to know about yours truly. Hope you enjoy Jersey Bites as much as I do. It’s been a source of great satisfaction already in its short life and I look forward to the people I will meet and the food I will discover because of this. Thanks for stopping by.