Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

“Just some positive feedback! I recived a call from the client today. Mentioned there were 766 click thru’s so far …and they are very happy, I as well. Great job!”  Tracy Cohen, President, Entrepreneur Advertising, LLC

Let us help your New Jersey restaurant gain customers, media attention and build customer loyalty. Whether you are a launching a brand new restaurant or you are the owner of one that is decades old, cost effective marketing is a must to stay in business.

We Love Creative Solutions – We work with our clients to come up with highly effective campaigns based on their marketing goals. Call Today 732-966-7450

Our Services

Get Found When & Where Your Customers Are Searching

Search Engine Marketing-

Run your ad across the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Whether customers are looking for a restaurant or event venue, your ad will come up in searches where people have already expressed an interest in a business like yours. Effectively track traffic, clicks and conversion.

Get & Stay in Front of Your Target Audience

Mobile Marketing – Audience Targeting

Reach your target audience wherever they are, on their mobile phones and tablets.  Audience Targeting is the art and science of using observed, declared and predictive consumer data to create targetable audience segments across networks, platforms and devices. We combine rich first party data with premium third party data to extend your reach to your audience wherever they are.

Email Marketing-

We provide permission-based, highly targeted email marketing campaigns that drive results and ROI. Deliver your message to customers and businesses using hundreds of demographic targeting options. Targeting options include lifestyles, interests, geography, and we have the ability to target based upon SIC codes, business types, verticals, job titles and company size.

Facebook Advertising –

The Average American Spends 40 Minutes a Day on Facebook. Facebook provides laser focused targeting whether you are trying to reach cooking enthusiasts, bourbon fans or Moms with children ages 9 – 11, with the right person at the wheel of your Facebook ad targeting, you can see some pretty amazing ROI.  The real beauty of Facebook ads is the viral component to well targeted ads. When you get people commenting, Liking and sharing your ads that is when the social media word of mouth magic happens.

Tell Your Story

We’ll help build a powerful and consistent brand image among your audiences by refining your range of brand materials based on our agreed-to palettes. Our goal will be to refine and ready for production all first-run materials, concentrating primarily on imagery and formats.

Our work plan will include showing initial design ideas on two applications and then choosing one to refine, expand and finalize across all channels.

Social Media Marketing –

Social Media is such a powerful tool for the restaurant industry, but unfortunately, restaurants more often than not, are too busy to stay on top of the daily activity needed to make social media work. We can help. Whether you are looking for just a push with social media set up and some consulting, or you want to hand us the keys and take on the daily management, we’ve got you covered.

Video –

Your story is unique and you know it.  Your message should impact your audience with deep resonance – your story should be one that truly endures. Video is such a powerful marketing tool in today’s landscape. It helps your website with Search Engine Optimization, it of course tells your story and can be used on Social Media and in paid ads on Social Media. We partner with an award winning Video production team that creates some of the best restaurant videos around.

Media Outreach –

Pitching to bloggers and journalists takes know-how and an established network. We’ve got both. Let us help you arrange your next media dinner or press event.


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